Offering Spotlight representation and management to a select group of child and adult clients, with a very personal approach to management.




If your child is accepted as a member of Sally King Casting, they will be suggested for supporting and featured roles in Film, TV, Theatre and Commercials. However if they would also be interested in being cast in LEAD/FEATURED roles, then they can apply for representation with Sally King Management.

Some jobs (mainly cast roles) are only advertised on what is known as the ‘Spotlight’ directory and is another way for us to promote young performers for casting opportunities. Those accepted for ‘Spotlight’ representation with us tend to be performers that are particularly suited to the type of castings that come through the directory – mainly those aged 4-13 years & 16-20 years.

The child acting industry is extremely competitive. We do not accept all children onto our management books and being a member of Sally King Casting does not automatically mean we will be able to represent your child for cast/lead roles. We only represent a handful of similar children at any one time.

When we suggest children for roles, they will more than likely have to be in Central London within 24 hours. If you cannot/do not want to commit to this then please do not consider Spotlight.

For more information on how to apply for representation with Sally King Management, please email




We offer representation and management to a select group of adults. Clients must have graduated with a minimum of a year’s professional training from a full-time accredited drama school or university course or have at least four professional credits. Spotlight membership is also essential.

All adult applications and queries should be sent to along with a covering letter, headshot, showreel and CV. Please also include a link to your Spotlight profile.

Please also send any Showcase invitations to

We aim to respond to all emails as soon as possible.